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Whenever Mendocino County Public Health publishes a new COVID-19 infographic, MendoFever will compare and contrast the data with the previous infographic in hopes to shed light on trends associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Mendocino County. The infographic above was published on the Mendocino County Public Health Facebook page along with the attached statement: “5 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County. 1 additional death of a resident from the Sherwood Oak Nursing Home outbreak. We have 7 currently hospitalized, and 1 in the ICU, for a total of 8 receiving hospital care.:

As Mendocino County’s COVID-19 cases rise dramatically, Mendocino County’s 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams asserts: “If everyone would follow the distancing and face coverings, we get through this without unnecessary death.” He said that he had gotten reports of “a party with over 100 people, a band and no facial coverings” and characterized enforcement of the masking order as “beyond weak”.

This is the previous infographic published by Mendocino County Public Health on 7/18/2020 that the analysis below will be based upon.

🗣Most significant information gained from this evening’s infographic update provided by Mendocino County Public Health:
📍There has been a third death in Mendocino County from COVID-19. The decedent was a resident at Fort Bragg’s Sherwood Oak Nursing Home.
📍Mendocino County’s total COVID-19 cases have increased from 194 to 199 in the last 24 hours.
📍The Latinx population continues to be disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with well over 50% of Mendocino County’s cases being from that demographic group.

🧠Analysis of that data represented in today’s infographic with yesterday’s:

👨🏻👩🏽👨🏿Demographics: All five of the new COVID-19 cases are associated with the Latino community.
🧒👵Age Ranges: There has been an increase of one case in the “6-12” age range, one in the “19-34” category, two cases in the “35-49” age range, and one cases in the “65+” age range.
👨👩 Gender of Infected: Four of the new infections are men for a total of 95 men infected and one is a women for a total of 104.
🏡Source of Infection: The numbers associated with the sources of infections have changed dramatically as Public Health has conducted contact tracing. The number of “close contact” cases have changed from 67 to 75. The number of cases associated with “Work/Out of County Travel” has changed from 11 to 13. The number of cases associated with community spread has increased by nine moving from 14 to 23. The number of cases that are “under investigation” have decreased from 102 to 88. This decrease is associated with Public Health completing contact tracing and determining the origin of individual cases.
🌎Region of Cases: Two of the new cases are associated with the Ukiah Valley, one is associated with North County, one is from the South Coast, and one is from the North Coast.
👨‍⚕️Status of Patients: Ten patients have been released from isolation for a total of 73, one less patient is in the hospital for a total of 7, two less patients are in the ICU for a total of 1, and 17 more patients have been released from isolation for a total of 115.
📈Testing: The number of commercial positive tests increased by five. This might imply all of today’s cases came through that testing system. There are 1,539 tests pending.

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  1. As our numbers grow and it is frightening I am embarrassed to complain. Other California counties numbers are so much higher. If I say OMG we have five new cases in one day another county is saying we had five new deaths today. I am thankful I live where I am and I can’t complain. Stay scared and careful, be thankful most of our residents are careful too.

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