Whenever Mendocino County Public Health publishes a new COVID-19 infographic, MendoFever will compare and contrast the data with the previous infographic in hopes to shed light on trends associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Mendocino County. 

Yesterday’s infographic (7/19/2020) published by Mendocino County Public Health

🗣Most significant information gained from this evening’s infographic update provided by Mendocino County Public Health:
📍The majority of new cases are based in the 19-49 age range.
📍Mendocino County’s total COVID-19 cases have increased from 199 to 207 in the last 24 hours.
📍The Ukiah Valley continues to be the geographic center of Mendocino’s COVID-19 cases.

🧠Analysis of that data represented in today’s infographic with yesterday’s:

👨🏻👩🏽👨🏿Demographics: Six of the new cases are associated with the Hispanic/Latino community and two of them are from an “unreported” demographic.
🧒👵Age Ranges: One of the new cases is in the “0-5” age range, two are in the “19-34” age range, three are in the “35-49” age range, and three are in the “65+” age range.
👨👩 Gender of Infected: Four of the newly infected are men for a total of 99 and four are women for a total of 108.
🏡Source of Infection: One of the new cases is associated with “close contact” and seven of the new cases are “under investigation”.
🌎Region of Cases: Seven of the new cases are from patients in the Ukiah Valley and one is from the North Coast.
👨‍⚕️Status of Patients: Seven patients have entered isolation for a total of 80. One new patient has entered into the hospital for a new total of 9. There is currently only one patient in the intensive care unit. There are still three deaths of Mendocino County residents and there is a total of 207 cases.
📈Testing: The most significant shift in testing numbers is the commercial labs determining 8 new positive cases. The amount pending continues to grow with today’s number at 1,905.

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  1. Thank you for showing the graphs large enough for my old eyes to read. On the County’s page the graph is too small for me to read.

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