Friday, August 12, 2022
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Sherwood Oaks Outbreak Update: No New Deaths, Four Patients Stable, Three Guarded


The following is a press release written the Medical Director of Sherwood Oak Doctor John Cottle:

There have been no new cases of Covid identified at Sherwood Oaks since Friday.  We have 4 residents in the facility’s isolation unit, and all are quite stable this morning.  Three of our residents with Covid are in Adventist Hospital Mendocino Coast, with condition reported as guarded.

Since the outbreak started at Sherwood Oaks just two weeks ago, Sherwood Oaks has had 13 residents diagnosed with Covid, which includes 4 deaths and 2 recovered.
The rest of our residents are staying in their rooms, some fully isolated if that is deemed appropriate.  All staff are in protective gear which includes N-95 masks and gowns.  We have had 8 employees diagnosed with Covid, all slowly recovering at home.

We wish to thank our local hospital again for their support, and thank Cucina Verona, Harvest Market, Mendocino Rotary, and FB Rotary clubs for providing some meals for our staff.

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