Mendocino County COVID-19 Cases Stand at 293; Significant Drop in Active Cases

Whenever Mendocino County Public Health publishes a new COVID-19 infographic, MendoFever will compare and contrast the data with the previous infographic in hopes to shed light on trends associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Mendocino County.

The following statement accompanied tonight’s updated dashboard:

13 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County, bringing the total to 293. Data has been updated, showing that we now have 223 released from isolation, and 59 currently in isolation.

🗣Most significant information gained from this evening’s infographic update provided by Mendocino County Public Health:
📍The amount of active cases dropped from 148 to 64, a 58% difference with the updated isolation numbers.
📍There’s been a 29% increase in positive cases since one week ago.
📍”Close contact” was determine to be the source of 14 more cases indicating contact tracing continues.

Mendocino County Public Health’s COVID-19 dashboard from Tuesday July 28, 2020

🧠Analysis of that data represented in today’s infographic with yesterday’s:

👨🏻👩🏽👨🏿Demographics: Cases amongst the Hispanic/Latino Community increased by five going from 170 to 175, cases amongst the white community increased by four going from 41 to 45, and four of the new cases reported today are from the “unreported” category.
🧒👵Age Ranges: Two of the new cases are between the ages of “13-18”, three of the new cases are between the ages of “19-34”, one of the new cases is from the ages of “35-49”, six of the new cases are from the ages of “50-64”, and one of the new cases is from the “65+” age range.
👨👩 Gender of Infected: 140 of the infected are men 153 are women.
🏡Source of Infection: The “close contact” category has increased by superseding today’s new totals but that could indicate some cases “under investigation” were solved. The “work/out of county travel” category has increased by 2. The “community spread” category has increased by six. The number of cases under investigation have dropped by nine.
🌎Region of Cases: Nine of today’s cases originate in the “Ukiah Valley”, one originates in “North County”, and three originate on the “North Coast.”
👨‍⚕️Status of Patients: The number of Mendocino County residents in isolation dropped dramatically from 144 to 59. The number of patients in the hospital increased by one for a new total of 5. There are no patients in the intensive care unit. There is a total of 293 cases. There are a total of 64 active COVID-19 cases.
📈Testing: Comparing and contrasting testing numbers suggests out of the thirteen cases confirmed today, 3 of the cases were discovered in Public Health labs, 7 were discovered in commercial labs, and 3 were discovered in the UCSF labs.. The amount of tests pending is decreased to 2,280.

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