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Mendocino County Sheriff Releases Details about Saturday’s Standoff in Albion


This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 07-17-2020 at approximately 10:10 PM, a Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff attempted to make a traffic stop on a Toyota Tacoma for an observed vehicle code violation in downtown Point Arena, California. 

The driver, who was later identified as Marc Lucas, failed to yield to the Deputy’s emergency lighting and siren and a vehicle pursuit was initiated.  This pursuit spanned just over eight miles and was terminated when the Deputy lost sight of the vehicle in the area of Ten Mile Road and Iverson Drive.

Based on the positive identification of Lucas, who was known to be on active parole from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) for Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer, Deputies sought and obtained an arrest warrant for the apprehension of Lucas for violation of 2800.2 CVC (Felony Evading) and 2800.4 CVC (Felony Evading – Wrong Way Driving). 

Over the course of the next 12 days, Deputies searched numerous locations on the south coast for Lucas, without success.  Based on the above information, a CDCR Parole Officer petitioned the Mendocino County Superior Court for a parole warrant, which was granted on 07-30-2020.

On 08-01-2020 at approximately 1:44 PM, Deputies and a California Highway Patrol Officer were actively looking for Lucas in the 29000 block of Albion Ridge Road, when he drove past them in his Toyota Tacoma. 

Deputies were able to clearly see and identify Lucas and they attempted to stop him in his vehicle; however, Lucas again refused to stop.  Deputies pursued Lucas for over two miles and he turned onto Albion Ridge “I” Road, where his vehicle came to a stop. 

Lucas exited his vehicle and partially removed what he told Deputies was an SKS semi-automatic assault style rifle. 

Deputies verbally instructed Lucas to drop the rifle and to surrender.  

Lucas refused to cooperate and stood in the open door of his vehicle with his hand on the butt-stock of the rifle. 

Lucas demanded Deputies leave him alone and threatened to shoot any Deputies that attempted to take him into custody. 

Lucas told Deputies that he would use his vehicle to ram through the patrol vehicles that were at the location; he later intentionally crashed his vehicle into the front of a patrol vehicle that was blocking him, while Deputies and a CHP Officer were using the vehicle to shield them from any potential gun fire from Lucas. 

A Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to use K9 “Takoda” to apprehend Lucas.  When Lucas observed the K9, he quickly entered his vehicle and repeatedly slammed the door closed, smashing the dog’s head between the edge of the door and door jamb. 

Lucas exited the vehicle and a Sheriff’s Sergeant attempted to use a Taser device to incapacitate Lucas, without success.

Lucas then obtained a gasoline can from the back of his vehicle and poured gasoline over his body and the interior of the vehicle.  Lucas threatened to “blow up” himself and Deputies near him.   

Lucas then barricaded himself inside his vehicle and remained there until the arrival of the Mendocino County Multi-Agency Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). 

The SWAT Citizen Rescue Vehicle (Armored) was positioned near Lucas’ vehicle and several hours of attempted de-escalation and negotiations were met with no cooperation from Lucas. 

At around 7:50 PM, SWAT members executed a plan that was developed to use a fire hose to introduce water into Lucas’ vehicle to reduce the risk of any fire or explosion with the ultimate goal of minimizing any potential injuries to Lucas or SWAT members. 

The Albion Little-River Volunteer Fire Department agreed to assist SWAT members by parking a fire engine a safe distance away and running the pump. 

SWAT members deployed a fire hose to the side of Lucas’ vehicle and began flushing the gasoline out of the vehicle. 

After approximately 15 seconds of introducing water into the cab of the vehicle, Lucas exited the vehicle and Mendocino County Sheriff’s SWAT K9 “Bo” was deployed and took control of Lucas.  SWAT members quickly overpowered Lucas by tackling him to the ground and placed him under arrest without further incident. 

Lucas was provided first aid from the SWAT Paramedic at the scene and he was transported to a local hospital for a medical clearance. 

The firearm that Lucas brandished and claimed was an SKS semi-automatic assault type rifle was determined to be an air powered pellet rifle. 

Lucas was booked into the Mendocino County Jail for the following offenses:

2800.2 CVC  (Felony Evading)
2800.4 CVC  (Felony Evading – Wrong Way Driving)
69 PC  (Resisting Arrest with Force or Threat of Violence)
245(c) PC  (Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer)
3000.08 PC  (State Parole Warrant)
2800.2 CVC  (Felony Warrant for Felony Evading)
2800.4 CVC  (Felony Warrant for Felony Evading – Wrong Way Driving)

Due to Lucas’ parole status, he is being held at the Mendocino County Jail without bail.

A charge of 600 PC (Interference with Police Dog) is being submitted to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of prosecution. 

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the residents of Albion Ridge for their cooperation and support during this seven hour incident. 

The Sheriff’s Office would also like to thank our public safety partners from the following agencies that assisted in the safe resolution of this incident:

Chief Rees and the Albion Little-River Volunteer Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, Ukiah Police Department, Fort Bragg Police Department, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California State Parks.

The featured image is Marc Lucas as portrayed in the Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s Booking Logs.

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  1. WOW, what a stand-off!! Great work by ALL of the law enforcement people who were involved and, especially, those who were on the scene. Shout out to BO, as well. I hope your headache goes away soon, buddy!! THANKS for your good work, everybody, and for risking your lives, every day, for our safety and protection!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!

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