Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Mendocino County Residents Hospitalized for COVID-19 at Record High


Whenever Mendocino County Public Health publishes a new COVID-19 infographic, MendoFever will compare and contrast the data with the previous infographic in hopes to shed light on trends associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in Mendocino County.

The following statement accompanied tonight’s updated dashboard:

7 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Mendocino County, bringing the total to 363.

🗣Most significant information gained from this evening’s infographic update provided by Mendocino County Public Health:
📍There are currently 12 individuals hospitalized for complications related to COVID-19, Mendocino County’s highest number yet.
📍70.5% of Mendocino County’s COVID-19 cases originate in the Ukiah Valley.
📍58.9% of Mendocino County’s COVID-19 cases are within the Hispanic/Latino community when according to Census.gov they make up 25.8% of the population.

Mendocino County Public Health’s COVID-19 Dashboard published on Wednesday, August 5, 2020. (Provided for compare/contrast purposes. See today’s above.)

🧠Analysis of that data represented in today’s infographic with yesterday’s:

👨🏻👩🏽👨🏿Demographics: Cases amongst the Hispanic/Latino Community increased by four going from 210 to 214, and three of the new cases are demographically “unreported”.
🧒👵Age Ranges: One of the new cases is between the ages of “13-18”, two of the new cases are from the ages of “19-34”, two of the news cases are from the “35-49” age range, one of the new cases is from the “50-64” age range, and one of the new cases is associated with the “65+” age range.
👨👩 Gender of Infected: 166 of the infected are men(46%) 197 are women(54%).
🏡Source of Infection: The “close contact” category has increased by five growing from 169 to 174. The “community spread” category has increased by one growing from 44 to 45. The number of cases under investigation have increased by two moving from 117 to 119.
🌎Region of Cases: 6 of today’s cases originate in the “Ukiah Valley”, and one case originates on the “South Coast.”
👨‍⚕️Status of Patients: The number of Mendocino County residents in isolation decreased by five from 79 to 74. The number of patients in the hospital increased by three with a record high of 12. There are is one patient in the intensive care unit. There has been a total of 363 individuals in Mendocino County who have tested positive for COVID-19. There are a total of 87 active COVID-19 cases.
📈Testing: Comparing and contrasting testing numbers suggests all seven of today’s cases were analyzed in the UCSF laboratory. The amount of tests pending is 2,125.


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