Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Ukiah Valley Firefighter Tests Positive for COVID-19


The following press release was issued by Shannon Riley, Deputy City Manager of Ukiah:

A positive COVID-19 case has been detected with a firefighter at the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority. The individual became symptomatic following the start of a 48-hour shift on Wednesday, August 12th. Measures were immediately taken to isolate the individual and other close contacts and to disinfect all apparatus and facilities at risk of exposure. Rapid testing was immediately performed and confirmed a positive result.

The individual had limited workplace contact with others, and the Fire Authority is working with Mendocino County Public Health to complete the appropriate contact tracing. Since the start of the pandemic, the Fire Authority has been operating with COVID-19 risk mitigation protocols in place, which includes the division of crews between multiple stations, application of personal protective equipment, and rigorous sanitization.

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority still has the capacity to remain fully staffed and operational during this process.

Fire Chief Doug Hutchison states, “Our work is inherently risky, and even with the utmost precautions in place, there is a risk of exposure to COVID-19. Our team members responded quickly and appropriately to this incident, and are working to implement the appropriate response protocols. Our priority remains the safety of our department and our community.”

Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan made the following statement regarding Ukiah Fire Authority’s swift measures, “The Health Officer orders are there to protect us as we move forward in the pandemic. The City of Ukiah Firefighters have followed all orders including the masking orders and required protective measures. Their proactive actions in their protection will be impactful steps in efforts to prevent an outbreak.”

The featured image is from the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority’s Facebook page


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