Friday, August 12, 2022
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[UPDATE: Power to be Restored] ‘Rotating Outages’ Imminent as State Contends with High Heat and Increased Electricity Use

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As a heat wave descends on the State of California, the California Independent Systems Operator has initiated “rotating outages throughout the state” to contend with the demand.

The following is a press release from the California Independent System Operator:

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is declaring a Stage 3 Electrical Emergency due to high heat and increased electricity demand. The emergency initiates rotating outages throughout the state.

A Stage 3 Emergency is declared when demand outpaces available supply. Rotating power interruptions have been initiated to maintain stability of the electric grid.

The Stage 3 Emergency declaration was called after extreme heat drove up electricity demand across California, causing the ISO to dip into its operating reserves for supply to cover demand.

The California ISO is working closely with California utilities and neighboring power systems to manage strain on the grid and to restore the power grid to full capacity. As portions of the grid are restored, local utilities will restore power in a coordinated fashion.

Although a Stage Emergency is a significant inconvenience to those affected by rotating power interruptions, it is preferable to manage an emergency with controlled measures rather than let it cause widespread and more prolonged disruption.

PG&E announced these rotating outages would affect approximately 200-250,000 customers:

UPDATE 8/14/2020 9:00 pm

According to the PG&E Power Outage Map, approximately 3,765 Mendocino and Sonoma County Coast residents are without power this evening. The cause of the outage is described as an “emergency issue” and 11:00 pm is the estimated time of restoration.”

Map from PG&E illustrating the extent of the coastal power outage
Map from PG&E that illustrates the extent of the rotating outages across California.

UPDATE: 9:43 pm

California State Senator Mike McGuire has announced that power restoration is commencing around the state and that all regions were affected by the rotating outages.


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