Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Sherwood Oaks Outbreak Update: COVID-19 Patient ‘Relapses’ & Another Returns After Recovering


The following is a brief press release written by the Medical Director of Sherwood Oaks Doctor John Cottle:

One more resident returned to Sherwood Oaks from Adventist Health Mendocino Coast on Thursday, recovered from Covid. One who returned on Monday appears to have relapsed, is receiving supportive care, and will be re-evaluated this morning.

Results of the testing of all residents and staff on Monday and Tuesday should start coming in today, but a complete report may not be received until Monday.

Of the 24 residents who have been infected, 12 have recovered, and four residents remain in the hospital, continuing to gradually recover. One may be relapsing, and 7 are deceased. All 8 staff infected have recovered, and no staff have been diagnosed with Covid in more than 3 weeks.

John Cottle DO

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