[UPDATE]Lost Hiker Outside of Philo

This is not the lost hiker described in this article. This image is from Pixabay.

According to scanner traffic, there is a lost hiker seeking medical attention near Nash Mill Road & Clow Ridge Road outside of Philo. The hiker is a 70 year old female who reported she had been lost for approximately 2.5 hours. Anderson Valley Fire and a CalStar helicopter have been dispatched to assist in the search for the hiker.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE: 11:45 am– The lost hiker reported to dispatch that she can hear helicopters and first responders are considering using sirens to identify their location and provide the lost hiker with a sense of direction.

UPDATE: 11:51 am– The CalStar helicopter operators have spotted the lost hiker near the Handley Cellars and reported she looked fine. The pilot will be directing ground resources as to the hiker’s location.

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