Sherwood Oaks Outbreak Update: Resident Succumbs to COVID-19 After a Week of ‘Good Health’

The following is a brief press release written by the Medical Director of Sherwood Oaks Doctor John Cottle:

Sherwood Oaks had another resident pass away peacefully Tuesday night.  He had survived pneumonia caused by Covid, then enjoyed a week of good health only to succumb to long standing heart disease.  The cause is considered Covid related, bringing the total to 8 Covid deaths among our residents.  16 residents and the 8 staff with Covid have recovered, though some have persistent fatigue as is often seen with this virus.

It has been 13 days since a Sherwood Oaks resident has tested positive, and more than 4 weeks since a staff member has been diagnosed with Covid.  Results from Monday’s testing are expected during the coming weekend.

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