Friday, August 12, 2022
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Two Gunshot Victims in Covelo; MCSO Investigating the Circumstances

Mendocino County Sheriff deputies at the site of today’s shooting [Photograph provided by Sheriff Matt Kendall]

As per conversations with Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall, law enforcement and medical resources responded to Covelo’s Tabor Lane at approximately noon today regarding shot’s fired leading to two male gunshot victims.

Sheriff Kendall described first responders finding two men suffering gunshot wounds, one man shot in the leg and one shot in the upper leg/hip. Both victims received medical care and were taken away in an ambulance.

Mendocino County Sheriff investigating the site of today’s shooting [Photograph provided by Sheriff Matt Kendall]

The victims were unclear as to how the firearms came to be discharged and were not cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation of the incident, according to Sheriff Kendall. MCSO remains on-site investigating the scene to determine the circumstances the firearms came to be discharged.

If any member of the public has information regarding today’s shots fired incident, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriffs at (707) 463-4411.


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