Friday, August 19, 2022
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[UPDATE] Traffic Fatality after Truck Collides with Tree on Ukiah’s Highway 101 & Perkins Off-Ramp

A picture of the incident provided by a resident of Ukiah

According to the California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information page, one fatality resulted after a white truck collided with a tree near Ukiah’s Perkins Street & Highway 101. Units were dispatched at 8:20 am.

It is unclear whether the fatality was the driver or a passenger. The Incident report does make note that someone involved in the collision may have provided first responders a false identification at the scene.

The CHP Incident Report described the reporting party witnessed the vehicle driving recklessly and speeding before the impact.

The incident page states first responders closed the Perkins offramp and it is unclear whether the off ramp is still close for through traffic.

*Correction issued after reader and collaborator MendocinoSportsPlus informed us scanner reports indicated two fatalities.

UPDATE: 11:06 am

The Perkins Street & Highway 101 off-ramp is still currently closed to traffic.

UPDATE: 11:09

A citizen of Ukiah provided MendoFever the following pictures of first responders at the scene of the incident.

UPDATE: 11:18

MendoFever has issued a correction to the headline of this article and the first paragraph regarding two total fatalities instead of one. MendoFever based initial reporting on the CHP Incident information page which did not specify there were multiple fatalities. A reader informed us they heard over the scanner two perished in this traffic accident.

UPDATE: 11:45

In another round of corrections, California Highway Patrol’s Sergeant Finnigan reached out to MendoFever stating that there was only one fatality in this morning’s traffic accident involving a vehicle colliding with a tree. He stated California Highway Patrol would be releasing more information about the incident later today. Based on this information, MendoFever will once again edit the headline to reflect the originally reported singular fatality.

CHP Incident Information Page describing the collision



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