Thursday, December 7, 2023

Death Investigation After Two Men Overdose Behind Ukiah’s Orchard Park

Photograph of the police lights from Pixabay.com

According to Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Officer Greg Van Patten, two homeless people were found deceased in the creek bed behind Ukiah’s Orchard Park this morning. He stated the deaths are being attributed to drug overdoses and Ukiah Police Department is the lead investgative agency while MCSO is conducting the coroner’s investigation.

Captain Van Patten identified one of the decedents as 43-year-old Ukiah resident Phillip Henry Idica. He said the other decedent is “a 32 year old from male Ukiah with next kin not notified.”

Sheriff Matt Kendall expressed concern that Mendocino County has seen an “enormous amount of drugs floating around” and described recent California legislation leading to an inability to adequately police these issues because “drug possession felonies are now misdemeanors punishable by citation only.”

In response to reader feedback, the title has been edited to read “Death Investigation After Two Men Overdose Behind Ukiah’s Orchard Park” instead of “Death Investigation After Two Vagrants Overdose Behind Ukiah’s Orchard Park.

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  1. These are government murders via poison heroin, fentanyl the idea is the same as benzine in all industrial alcohol during prohibition…Jake Leg, blindness, death by government sanctions laws. Paraquat created our Emerald Triangle. Junkie? 400,000 morophine addicts from civil war, many recycled junk to buy legal Laudinium, no crime and no real health issue.
    Ban creates crime and government corruption. This is history if you bother to read it

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