Thursday, December 7, 2023

Gunfire Ensues After Two Intruders Claiming to be Law Enforcement Attempt to Rob a Redwood Valley Marijuana Grow

This images does not depict the events described in the article below. [Pixabay.com]

At approximately 5:00.. this morning, a Redwood Valley man sleeping in his trailer was awoken by two intruders claiming to be law enforcement. Out of concern for his safety, the man brandished a firearm, the intruders fled firing their weapons at the trailer five times before disappearing into the darkness. 

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Officer Captain Greg Van Patten said the incident occurred within the 9000 Block of Laughlin Way in Redwood Valley. He described the area as having multiple marijuana grows and suspected the attempted robbery was related to cultivation.  The trailer was located on marijuana grow, Captain Van Patten said, and the man fell asleep with the door ajar and a screen door closed for circulation throughout the night.

Captain Van Patten said the man woke up to two individuals bursting through the screen door claiming to be law enforcement and they mentioned something about needing to evacuate because of a fire. At this point, Captain Van Patten said the occupant of the trailer brandished a firearm and the intruders fled the trailer.

Captain Van Patten said multiple handgun casings were found at the scene and there appeared to be at least one bullet hole in the trailer itself resulting from the gunfire. After firing their weapons, Captain Van Patten said the trailer occupant reported the intruders fled “into the darkness”.

At this point in the investigation, Captain Van Patten said it is unclear how the intruders accessed the property but surmised they entered the property on foot and fled to a vehicle parked nearby. 

Captain Van Patten asks that if any members of the Mendocino County public have any information about this occurrence to please contact Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (707)463-4086.

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