Rolling Blackouts in Mendocino County Possible Tonight as Heatwave Strains Electric Grid

As temperatures climb and California’s electric grid is strained, California ISO has announced rolling blackouts that could potentially Mendocino County this evening.

Mendocino County 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams said on his Facebook page that outages for the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County would occur from 7-9pm and the city of Ukiah could experience rolling blackouts from 7-8pm. He added, “only 1956 accounts in the unincorporated are targeted, but I lack clarity on boundaries.”

The following information was provided on Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page regarding the potential of rolling blackouts this evening in Mendocino County:

Portions of the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County MAY experience a temporary power outage between 7pm and 9pm, today, Sunday,9/6/2020. PG&E tries to provide warning but these decisions are made by the California ISO and may come without notice.So #FlexAlert, #RollingBlackouts, #RotatingOutages, whatever you want to call it when the power goes out, are you ready? We’ll update as we receive information, but in the meantime, charge your phone, put fresh batteries in your flashlight…you know the drill.

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