Friday, August 12, 2022
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August Complex-North Zone Update: Containment Lines, Lights Winds, & Unhealthy Air


The following is a press release issued by the United State Department of Agriculture Forest Service:

Smoke from the August Complex and Northern California’s other fires as seen from NASA’s Worldview Satellite

Fires previously known as the Elkhorn, Hopkins, Vinegar Peak and Willow Basin are now a part of the August Complex-North Zone. Geographically, the North Zone is in the northern area of the Mendocino National Forest in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness; near Tomhead Lookout on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest; and in the northwest near Kettenpom Valley and the Flying AA Ranch on the Six Rivers National Forest.

Current Situation (August Complex-North Zone): The priority in the North Zone will continue to be structure protection, indirect line construction (away from the fires edge) and tactical firing operations (applying fire on the ground to remove vegetation and widen containment lines).

In Ruth Valley, south of Ruth (Six Rivers National Forest), firefighters are doing structure defense preparation around the homes on both sides of the Ruth Lake Road up to the Ruth Store. This work will help firefighters defend the structures as the fire moves to the north.

On the west perimeter of the fire, in the Zenia area, dozers are being used to construct indirect lines down to the Middle Fork of the Eel River.

On the northeast perimeter (Shasta-Trinity National Forest), the 35 Road continues to be an important strategic containment line to stop the fires progress. Crews continue working from Rat Trap to the east, improving the line and using tactical firing operations. The east perimeter near Red Bluff is in mop-up and patrol status.

Weather: A stable air mass will keep winds light and lingering smoke will keep temperatures down. Relative humidity will remain above critical levels this afternoon with overnight recoveries approaching 50%.

Smoke Outlook: Smoke levels this morning are Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy throughout the forecast area. Slightly higher southerly winds are expected today and tomorrow. This may bring small improvements to some areas; however, air quality is likely to remain in the Unhealthy range due to the large amount of smoke still being produced by multiple fires.

Evacuation Orders and Warnings for Mendocino, Humboldt, Tehama and Trinity Counties

Mendocino County: Evacuation Orders

 Zone S – South of County Line, East of Bell Springs Rd, North of Bell Springs Creek and West of the North Fork of the Eel River.

 Zone Q – South of the County Line, West and North of the North Fork of the Eel River and North and East of Bald Mountain Rd.

Evacuation Warnings

  Zone U – South of the County Line, East and North of the East Branch of the South Fork of the Eel River, West of Bell Springs Rd.

  Zone T – South of Bell Springs Cekk, East of Bell Springs Rd, North of Iron Peak and Simmerly Rd, West of the Eel River.

  Zone R – West of south Mina Rd, South of the North Fork of Eel River, East of the Eel River.

  Zone P – South of the County Line, East of the Mina Rd, North of Hulls Valley Rd and West of Hulls Creek.

  Zone O – South of the County Line, East of Hulls Creek, North of Mendocino Pass Rd, and West of Williams Creek.
Evacuation Point: Covelo High School, 76280 High School Street, Covelo, CA
Small/Large Animal and Livestock Care: Covelo Rodeo Grounds, 77286 Covelo Rd, Covelo, CA. Laytonville Rodeo Grounds are open for livestock (Harwood Rd, Laytonville, CA).

Trinity County: Evacuation Orders

 Ruth, Zenia, Kettenpom, Hettenshaw Valley

Evacuation Warnings

 Ruth Lake, Mad River, Forest Glen and Post Mountain
Evacuation Point: Humboldt County Fairgrounds, 1250 5th Street, Ferndale, CA 95536

Humboldt County: Evacuation Line for Humboldt County residents is 707-268-2500.

Evacuation Orders

 Areas south of Highway 36 in Bridgeville, and all communities along Alderpoint Road down to the Mendocino/Trinity County Line.

Evacuation Warnings

  Areas west of Bell Springs Road to Highway 101 spanning from Alderpoint Road to the Mendocino/Trinity County Line (including Garberville).

  Alderpoint, Palo Verde, Island Mountain and Harris

Forest Closures: Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino, and Six Rivers National Forests. Due to unprecedented and historic fire conditions throughout the state, the USDA Forest Service Pacific. Southwest Region has closed all 18 national forests in California. This includes the Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests. It is critical that all national forest visitors follow these important closures and restrictions for their own safety and the safety of our firefighters. If you have specific questions about forest closures, please call your local Forest Service office.

Cooperating Agencies: Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Mendocino Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, National Weather Service, BLM, Cal OES, CALFIRE

Safety Message: Smoke will limit visibility while driving, please use caution as firefighters and equipment are working in the fire area.

Wildfire Preparedness: Plan, Know and Act. Please be ready if a wildfire nears your property or community. For more information visit the following webs at:

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