Hopland Residents Seek Families & Educators to Establish a TK-8th Grade School

The following is a press release issued by the organizers of the Sanel Valley Academy initiative:

In the spirit of service and opportunity, Hopland residents are working diligently to submit a proposal to Ukiah Unified School District establishing a free public charter school designed to serve the families of Hopland. Sanel Valley Academy’s mission is to restore education in Hopland creating a thriving future for the town’s students, families, and the greater community.

Sanel Valley Academy is dedicated to providing a learning experience that reflects student needs and celebrates diversity. Innovative learning opportunities for students at SVA will include access to outdoor education, blended-learning, native and community school gardens, science, agriculture, technology, engineering, art and math integration, with strong support for multilingual students. 

Any family interested in having their K-8th grade student attend Sanel Valley Academy should go to the school website and complete the form in the “Sign Up” tab. Signing the form does not obligate parents to enroll but indicates that they would be “meaningfully interested” in enrolling their child(ren) at SVA for the 2021-22 school year.   

Along with students, Sanel Valley Academy is seeking educators interested in contributing their expertise to a dynamic, collaborative, and community-based educational model. For any educators looking to play an integral part in serving the students and families of Sanel Valley Academy, go to the school website at and sign the “Becoming a Teacher” petition. 

For many years the Hopland Elementary School site has sat vacant while the students of Hopland endure long bus rides to Ukiah for education. Sanel Valley Academy hopes to provide an educational option to families that currently attend Ukiah Unified schools or even attend schools outside of Mendocino County. This educational opportunity will help minimize travel time, therefore maximizing learning outcomes and family time. 

If you are interested in writing a letter of support, attending our Q&A Zoom sessions, or are curious to find out more about Sanel Valley Academy go to

Editor’s Note: For full disclosure, MendoFever has a close relationship with this initiative being headquartered in Hopland and being a personal proponent of educational choice.

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