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Fort Bragg Residents Rally in Support of Local Law Enforcement


On Sunday, September 20, 2020, Fort Bragg residents gathered midday on Main Street to show their support for local law enforcement. Mendocino Coast resident Judy Valadao said residents “who support our first responders decided to get together and show our support.”

Valadao said participants felt compelled to organize the rally after a recent citizen complaint aimed at the Fort Bragg Police Department’s display of the thin blue line flag on their patrol vehicles. A press release issued by FBPD this week provided context as to why the vehicles displayed the flag:

The Thin Blue Line Flag is a memorial originally placed on the Fort Bragg patrol cars to honor fallen Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino, the first officer killed in the line of duty within the community of Fort Bragg. The Thin Blue Line Flag was created to honor those who protect and serve, not those who abuse their power.

Valadao called the gathering a “rally” and said participants wanted to show “support for all first responders. Law Enforcement, Fire, EMT’s, Dispatchers and whoever else I may have left out.”

Valadao said, “there was about 75 people there so we had some across to the other side of the street so we didn’t break any rules. Everyone was real upbeat and lots of support (honking horns).”

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    • This is great finally some community support for local law enforcement, Kudos to Mendocino fever for printing this, most of the news is so censored, Everybody is on a bash trump campaign, i dont care what your choice of news is that you like, its their monologue.

  1. How many homeless showed up?
    How many of your supporters ever spent the night at the Low Gap Inn?
    How many of your supporters experienced the Kafka court house in Ft Bragg or Ukiah?
    An economy of drugs = a corrupt police and judicial system. Prohibition created America’s KGB?
    Please show me one history lesson that produced a positive result for prohibition!
    Dogma is delusion in a tuxedo!
    Sodom treated aliens as enemies, no sex involved. Treat aliens badly and god will treat you like Sodom.
    A justice system based upon profit.
    A medical system based upon profit.
    We are beyond fix. Judgement comes next for every native murdered, every alien raped, every Japanese American who’s land was stolen, every speedfreak given a fentynal hot shot, every nameless death from the Low Gap Inn that never made the papers.
    The Feb 7 2020 gunshot death at VA parking lot that never saw crime scene tape and never made the news. Sheriff said, “not a cover up. We just did not tell anybody, that is the magical difference.
    A man was shot in the head, bled out in a ditch, and not one single 911 agency in town mentions it?
    Police log says “coroner incident Kings Court” no mention of VA no mention of gunshot death. This parking lot is shared by a day care center, if a dog was shot there would be a front page story. Just a veteran so who gives a shit!
    I keep placing a flag and they keep disappearing

  2. Good to see. Police show up for us. Two recent shootings right behind us; sixth shooting on streets both sides of us. All gang members. Police arrived in five minutes. Nearly all unarmed persons shot and/or killed by police proven, with evidence, justified. Self-defense, or defending victim.

    Defunding police is just political moves by selfish people and groups who gain popularity, *money*, and political office.

    Some abusive police exist and need prosecution, majority are good people who risk their lives for us. Wake up knowing today might be the day, standing between us and a bullet, their life ends. Yet they show up. For you. For me. For your children. Would a “defund police” person die for you?

    To see what happens when police are defunded, search this on youtube (if link isn’t allowed):

    “911 tape: No police available when woman calls 911….she ends up raped”

    link: youtube.com/watch?v=8M_WswwPKI8

    Then ask yourself, Do I want that to be my sister? Wife? Daughter?


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