Prowler Scared Off by Motion Sensor Light in Ukiah Westside

On Sunday, October 4, 2020 at approximately 10:00 pm , surveillance footage documenting the front yard of a home on Ukiah’s Mendocino Drive captured a prowler successfully deterred from his prowling after being illuminated by a motion sensor floodlight.

Homeowner Mike Perez contacted law enforcement then next morning. He noticed the video indicated the prowler had “some type of mark on his left tricep” and seeme to be wearing black socks.

Ukiah Police Department Public Information Officer Cedric Crook said there has not been any documented uptick in reports of prowlers or burglaries in the Ukiah City limits. encourages homeowners to keep their outside environment lit, planting shrubs and bushes, and communicating with neighbors regarding goings-on.

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