City of Fort Bragg’s Update on Election 2020, Political Signs, and Preparation for Potential Political Unrest

The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

As of October 28, 2020, the City of Fort Bragg has collected and transferred 3,932 ballots to the County of Mendocino Elections Office. Ballots continue to be dropped off at City Hall, 416 N. Franklin Street, and will be accepted until 8:00pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. From October 28, 2020, until the close of polling, the County Elections Office will pick up and transport ballots daily from City Hall to the Elections Office in Ukiah. On Election Day, polling locations at City Hall East, 213 Laurel Street, and the Fort Bragg Veterans Memorial Building, 360 N. Harrison Street, will be open from 7:00am to 8:00pm and ballots may also be returned to any polling location.

As political tensions continue to build around the country, the Fort Bragg City Council and City Staff encourage the community to respect the similarities and differences between our families, friends and neighbors. In the United States of America, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and our right to vote are the foundations of our democracy. A “sign” of those freedoms is the political signs and advertisements that blanket communities across the County every election season. Chief Naulty has asked that all community members respect each other’s freedom of speech by not removing, tampering with or mutilating lawfully placed political signs. Please remember this is against the law, and violators may be prosecuted.

Chief Naulty stated, “The Police Department does not expect any trouble locally on or after Election Day. However, in an abundance of caution and if we are needed to assist other local agencies, we have increased staffing levels on Election Day and the days to follow. The Police Department has purchased protective riot helmets and shields and will be implementing deescalation protocols. When protests and riots broke out in late May throughout the country and continued over the summer into this fall, we realized our department needed to be prepared and ready, even if it is to help other local jurisdictions.

In an election year that may set records for number of votes casts, remember patience, safety and appreciation for everyone’s right to vote.

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