Mendocino County District Attorneys Assist ‘Distressed Woman’ Summoning AAA to Unlock Vehicle

The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

Assistant DA Dale Trigg and Assistant Chief DA Investigator Andy Alvarado were traveling to the Mendocino coast this past Tuesday morning to interview witnesses when they happened upon an older woman who had locked herself out of her vehicle that she had parked along an isolated stretch of Highway 20.

While other drivers drove past the obviously distressed woman without stopping to help, the two DA men stopped to see what the problem was and to provide whatever assistance they could.

The early morning temperature was hovering around 40 degrees and the woman was quite cold. After introductions were made, the men invited the woman to sit in their DA vehicle and get warm while all three waited together for further help.

With the cell phone coverage not being adequate to get a call out, the onboard law enforcement radio in the DA vehicle did work and was utilized to summons AAA roadside assistance. It took about an hour for the AAA service vehicle to get dispatched and then travel to the location.

Showing great skill, the AAA serviceman had the woman’s locked car door open in a matter of a minute or two and the relieved woman was finally able to continue on her journey.

Good job, guys! As DA Eyster likes to say, your actions are further proof that the Mendocino County DA is a full-service public safety office.

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