Friday, August 12, 2022
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Two Arrested Near Laytonville After Motorcycle Chase Exceeds Speeds of 100 MPH

Steven Remier as seen in a Lake County Sheriff Booking Log from a previous arrest and Malia Linde from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Booking Logs

Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies attempted a traffic stop on a motorcycle with two riders in Ukiah at 12:38 this morning on a motorcycle with two passengers, according to Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Officer Greg Van Patten. The suspects fled at speeds upwards of 110 MPH. The California Highway Patrol intercepted the pair near Laytonville and ultimately the driver yielded to CHP and the pair were arrested.

Garberville CHP Public Information Officer Rick Fowler said a helicopter was called into to assist in the location of the fleeing motorcycle but, ultimately did not locate the vehicle.

According to Officer Fowler when the motorcycle was intercepted near Laytonville, the driver was traveling between 60-100 MPH. 

Officer Van Patten said that Steven Ramier (driver) and Malia Linde (passenger) ultimately yielded to pursuing officers on Branscomb Road near mile marker 59.7 and were arrested. *

Officer Fowler added Linde was found in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

*Edit: The initial publication erroneously said the pair yielded on Branscomb Road but they did in fact return to Highway 101 after a detour to Branscomb road where they yielded near Highway 101’s mile marker 59.7


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