Friday, August 12, 2022
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[UPDATE: Apprehended] Santa Rosa Man Sought After Losing Temper and Using Skateboard to Vandalize a Truck


The following is a statement and photograph published on the Santa Rosa Police Department Facebook page:

Unidentified man suspected of using his skateboard to vandalize a vehicle [Photograph from the Santa Rosa Police Department]

Have you seen me? Do you know who I am?

Today, I lost my temper in a driving dispute. I took my skateboard and vandalized the other guy’s truck. In fact, I did thousands of dollars of damage.

This unfortunate incident occurred this afternoon in the Costco Parking Lot on Santa Rosa Avenue.

If you can ID this suspect or have information. Please contact our non-emergency number at 707-528-5222.

UPDATE: 11/5/2020 6:00 p.m.

The Santa Rosa Police Department announced on their Facebook that the suspect has been apprehended:

Thanks to some awesome tips on our post, the suspect in the felony vandalism has been arrested! He was positively identified by the victim.

We appreciate everyone who called in to give us information!

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