Freeze Warning Issued for Areas of Mendocino County Tonight

The following statement was issued by the National Weather Service in Eureka, California:

The first widespread hard freeze is expected for the valleys of Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and southern Mendocino counties Monday morning. Coastal areas will also have widespread frost early Monday morning, with localized pockets of subfreezing temperatures. Protect sensitive plants and outdoor plumbing. Provide adequate shelter for pets.

The National Weather Service provides the following tips/tricks for residents facing a hard freeze:

  • Adjust Your Schedule: If possible, adjust your schedule to avoid being outside during the coldest part of the day, typically the early morning. Try to find a warm spot for your children while waiting for the school bus outside.
  • Protect Your Pets, Livestock and other Property: If you have pets or farm animals, make sure they have plenty of food and water, and are not overly exposed to extreme cold. Take precautions to ensure your water pipes do not freeze. Know the temperature thresholds of your plants and crops.
  • Fill up the tank: Make sure your car or vehicle has at least a half a tank of gas during extreme cold situations so that you can stay warm if you become stranded.
  • Dress for the outdoors even if you don’t think you’ll be out much.

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