One Dead After Traffic Fatality on Highway 101 North of Laytonville

One person is dead after a crash that blocked northbound Hwy 101 about 1:10 p.m. north of Laytonville at mile marker 76, according to Officer Rick Fowler, spokesperson for the Garberville California Highway Patrol Office.

Fowler said there was a two vehicle collision and there is now one way controlled traffic.

Caltrans QuickMap shows traffic slowing a lot through the area so leave extra time if traveling.

Used with the permission of Kym Kemp’s Redheaded Blackbelt

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  1. People in general have been driving VERY fast, on ALL roads it seems. Why folks are acting stupid is not clear, but maybe they don’t see as many CHP patrolling..? Does MCSO have radar..?

    How many times have we seen folks pulling trailers driving 70 mph, when by law they’re supposed to only be going 55..?

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