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Two Arrested After Discovery of Ghost Guns, Ski Mask, Night Vision Goggles, and Marijuana, Says MCSO


The following is a press released from Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Seized Items from Traffic Stop, 4000 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California [Picture from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

On 11-10-2020 at approximately 12:05 A.M. a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy was on routine patrol in the 4000 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California. 

The Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an observed vehicle code violation. 

As the Deputy stopped the vehicle, he noticed both the driver and the rear passenger were frantically moving around inside the vehicle. 

The Deputy approached the vehicle and contacted the driver, who was identified as Johnny Azbill, and the rear passenger who was identified as Jennyfer Hallmark-Duman. 

Johnny Azbill [Picture from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Booking Logs]

The Deputy developed probable cause that Azbill was a known gang member. 

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Based on this information, as well as the furtive movements by both occupants, the Deputy asked Azbill to step out of the vehicle.  Azbill consented to a pat search of his person for any weapons. 

The Deputy felt what he recognized to be a methamphetamine smoking pipe in Azbill’s pants pocket.  Azbill was detained in handcuffs at this time. 

The Deputy then requested Hallmark-Duman to exit the vehicle in order to perform a search of the vehicle.

Hallmark-Duman exited the vehicle as requested, then became argumentative and would not allow the Deputy to pat search her person for weapons.  When asked if she had any weapons on her, Hallmark-Duman removed a pair of handcuffs from her pocket.  

The Deputy asked Hallmark-Duman to lift up her jacket in order to confirm that she did not have any weapons on her. 

As Hallmark-Duman lifted her jacket to expose her waistline, a second Sheriff’s Deputy who had arrived on scene to assist, noticed a bulge in her rear waistline.  The Deputy lifted Hallmark-Duman’s jacket, and observed the grip of a handgun tucked into her waistband. 

Jennyfer Hallmark-Duman [Picture from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Booking Logs]

Hallmark-Duman was detained in handcuffs, and the Deputy removed a loaded Glock style 9mm handgun with an inserted extended magazine containing live 9mm rounds.  

During a further search, Deputies located a semi-automatic “AR” style rifle with a loaded magazine in the trunk of the vehicle. 

The rifle had an approximate 10″ long barrel.  The rifle had numerous features which met the criteria of an “assault weapon”  and “short barreled rifle” per California Law. 

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Neither of the firearms were serialized and are commonly referred to as “Ghost Guns” as they are unable to be traced.

Azbill was found to be a convicted Felon and is prohibited from owning or possession any firearm or ammunition.  

Other items located within the vehicle included night vision goggles, additional ammunition, a gas mask, a ski mask, and several bags of processed marijuana.  

Azbill was placed under arrest for 30605(a) PC [Possession of an Assault Weapon], 29800(a)(1) PC [Felon in Possession of a Firearm], 30305(a)(1) PC [Felon in Possession of Ammunition], 33215 PC [Possession of a Short Barreled Rifle], 11370.1(a) HS [Possession of a Controlled Substance While Armed with a Loaded Firearm], and 11364(a) HS [Possession of Drug Paraphernalia]. 

A Mendocino County Superior Court Judge authorized a bail increase for Azbill. 

Azbill was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $150,000.00 bail. 

Hallmark-Duman was placed under arrest for 25850(c)(6) PC (Carrying a Loaded Handgun-Not being the Registered Owner), and 25400(a)(1) PC (Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Vehicle). 

Hallmark-Duman was booked into the Mendocino County Jail. In accordance with the COVID-19 emergency order issued by the State of California Judicial Council, bail was set at zero dollars for Hallmark-Duman and she was released after the jail booking process.

Please visit the following link to hear Sheriff Matthew C. Kendall provide a Public Safety Message on the current COVID-19 emergency order related to zero bail:

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