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Former Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman to Serve as Resident Deputy of Shelter Cove for Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office


The following is a post from Tom Allman’s personal Facebook page [used with his permission]

Tom Allman, Former Mendocino County Sheriff and newly appointed Deputy Resident of Shelter Cove for Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

I was going to post this after Thanksgiving, but apparently it has already been reported. I wanted you to hear it from me first.

Life allows choices, life also often allows adventures.My life has allowed me a couple Summers as a CDF Firefighter, a summer of ambulance work, 35 years as a peace officer and 12 months in Kosovo, working for the United Nations as an International Peace Keeper. To say say the least, I have worked with some of the best people in the Universe.

Well, my life has a new chapter beginning. As many of my friends and co-workers know, I attended South Fork High School in Southern Humboldt County and my love for Southern Humboldt equals the love and care which I have for Mendocino County.

I have many friends in Southern Humboldt and I know the area well. You may have guessed by now that I am going to be working in Southern Humboldt. I will be helping Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal in a community which I loved as I was growing up. Shelter Cove is my new assignment. It is a close knit community of great people who care about their community and our environment.

I hope that many of my friends who have never discovered the “Lost Coast”, and my friends who know of this hidden jewel, will come up to Garberville, turn West, and come visit “The Cove”. There is a great RV Park, a brewery, a couple motels and some great restaurants. The views are fabulous, the fishing is great and the beaches are beautiful. The airport and golf course are nice and the deer assume that they own the golf course greens.

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I’m looking forward to meeting with the residents and striving to improve some of the issues. I truly believe that being a good peace keeper means improving the quality of life in your community. It doesn’t mean going to work with the intention of just arresting someone or issuing a citation, those things may happen after other options are no longer viable. Being a peace keeper means making sure that the residents trust you and that local government is fairly represented. I assure you these ideals are how most law enforcement officers feel, and perform.

To the Residents of Shelter Cove, I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to seeing a community effort directed towards improving the quality of life for everyone.

Thanks for your support in this exciting new adventure.


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