Friday, August 12, 2022
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3rd District Supervisor John Haschak on Gratitude, Mendo’s Flavored Tobacco Ban, and the Public Health Safety Board


The following is a monthly letter written by Mendocino County’s 3rd District Supervisor John Haschak:

[Picture from the Mendocino County website]

In this time of thanksgiving, I am continually amazed at how volunteers help our communities survive and thrive. Whether it is preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinners, putting up holiday decorations, or helping with the numerous advisory boards, commissions,  and Friends groups, I want to express my appreciation for people who get things done. The 3rd District has many wonderful people working each and every day towards making our communities better for us all. 

My 3rd District appointee to the Behavioral Health Advisory Board resigned so there is a position open. Please contact me if you are interested in this important role in creating better mental health services in our county. There is also an opening on the Climate Action Advisory Council. Again, contact me if interested.

We passed the Tobacco Retail License Ordinance update. This will ban flavored tobacco products which aligns with the state regulations. Cotton candy, bubblegum and Mandarin Mint tobacco products are the new Joe Camel approach to hooking youth on nicotine. When I say we, I mean it was a fantastic coalition of people who worked long and hard on this issue and I am grateful that they persisted and I could sponsor this health care item.

The BOS created a Public Safety Advisory Board. The overarching goal is the identification of specific problems that affect Mendocino County and also identify solutions to deal with these issues. This will be done by creating greater communication between county law enforcement agencies and other agencies such as mental health and social services, improving communication to and from the public, and increasing transparency in areas of  concern. Supervisor Gjerde and I were the ad hoc committee working on this issue. Sheriff Kendall was a co-sponsor of the item that we took to the BOS. He has been a fantastic partner in this process. We also worked with a dedicated group of people from Tribal leaders, LatinX communities, and Black Lives Matter as well as other members of the public.

Wishing you all the best and feel free to contact me at or 707-972-4214.

Stay well,



  1. A ban did not stop alcohol, it created America’s greatest crime spree. Police murders jumped from less than 10 per year to over 300.
    Joe Camel does not make kids smoke, prohibitions do that.
    Ban broccoli and kids will fight over it.
    As if local cops do not have enough work busting homeless campers and gun men robbing pot farms.
    Next they will bust the smart kid making big cash selling candy between classes
    Or a Joe Kennedy who knows what judge to pay off.

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