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Soverign Cannabis Dispensary Seeks Public Support for New Fort Bragg Location


The following is a press release issued by Sovereign:

Hello Friends,

Sovereign (Sunshine Holistic) has leased a new location at 144 N. Franklin St. (the old Floor Store) and has applied for a microbusiness permit with the city. We plan to operate our retail outlet as a primary use. We have an upcoming hearing with the City of Fort Bragg on the 9th and would like to gather community support for this project. We would appreciate the submission of comments by Wednesday the 4th if possible (yes I know that’s close).

If you support Sovereign and our endeavor, please write a personal letter of support. Here are some bullet points, some of which may resonate with you and give you some ideas as to why this project is good for our community.

Sovereign has been a part of our community for over 20 years.

  • We employ around 40 people in and around Fort Bragg, many of whom support families
  • We generate substantial tax revenue for the city, county and state. Everybody benefits from tax revenue.
  • We will be transferring a substantial amount of tax revenue from the county to the city. $$$
  • We will create more jobs and more revenue as we expand into this location.
  • We support our community economically by way of using local contractors, services, and retail outlets, generating revenue and tax dollars all around.
  • Sovereign is a place where all members of our community can have access to locally sourced, medicinal grade cannabis. Our clients are members of our community of all ages and backgrounds.
  • We have run a compassionate care program (for over 20 years) by which disadvantaged people and people with medical conditions may gain access to free or discounted medicinal products.
  • Our brand is recognised statewide. People visit town just to come to our store.
  • Sovereign has supported our community in many ways, not just the service we provide but through supporting charities and local projects such as:
    1. Adopt a Highway program, cleaning up trash.
    2. Significant donations to the Mendocino Coast Children’s fund.
    3. Donating to the Fort Bragg School district and it’s Autism program.
    4. We paid off the entire Fort Bragg school districts delinquent lunch balances.
    5. We have organised trash pick-up days where our employees have cleaned up “dump sites” and paid to have it disposed of.
    6. We opened our dispensary as a drop location for fire refugees, took donations of supplies and passed them on and donated to the Mendocino Fire fund.
    7. We have supported many others including the Toy Run, Three Rivers charter school, and amnesty international
  • Cannabis is legal!
    1. We are adhering to all guidelines set forth by the Fort Bragg City Council
    2. We are in compliance with the State of California BCC regulations
    3. The proposed location has the appropriate zoning for ALL of our proposed uses.
    4. We are required to mitigate any odor.
    5. Children cannot be impacted by our facility. You need to be 21 with a valid photo ID to enter.
  • Having a facility with long hours, security personnel, cameras and a security system will help to deter crime and vagrancy in our immediate area.
  • We will beautify our neighborhood by improving the property.
  • Our employees will be working in town and will be able to utilize local businesses on their breaks.
  • Employees will be able to reduce carbon footprint by walking and biking to work. 

Things to mention

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  • If you are a resident of Fort Bragg, you should say so. If you live close to the proposed facility you should definitely say so – your input will carry more weight. Please mention if you have children.
  • If the use of cannabis is essential / has had a great impact on your life and thereby the need for this kind of business is of value to you.
  • If being able to purchase cannabis clones locally and legally would be beneficial to you. There is currently no nursery on the coast.
  • Cannabis is legal and should be treated as any other business without any cannabis specific limitations or restrictions.

​Please send in an email, letter, or voicemail by Friday Dec. 4th to: • Email:  Administrative Assistant Joanna Gonzalez • Written Format: delivered through the drop-box for utility payments to the right of the front door at City Hall, 416 N. Franklin Street Please write in support of our new location and our business here in Fort Bragg. Please note that all letters submitted will be posted online for the hearing with the planning commission.

Thank you, Sovereign

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