Missing Mother and Child Located Alive Off of Highway 101 Near Confusion Hill

Trinity Brey and her three-year-old son, Anthony Florentine-Perez [Picture from the California Highway Patrol]

Trinity Brey and her three-year-old son, Anthony Florentine-Perez have been located alive four days after they disappeared after a vehicle crash that left one person with major injuries, confirmed Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s Public Information Officer Captain Greg Van Patten. Van Patten said the mother and child were “safe” and had been turned over to California Highway Patrol.

KMUD News reporter Lauren Schmitt is on scene and confirmed seeing the mother awaiting an ambulance looking “haggard but healthy.”

Schmitt told us she heard a Leggett Volunteer Fire Department captain found Brey speaking with a trucker on the side of Highway 101 and was told that her son was 200 feet down and embankment.

According to Schmitt, the son was found down a steep embankment, “naked and gripping on to a tree for dear life.” Later on, Schmitt said the child was seen “laughing” and receiving medical care.

Mendocino County Search and Rescue, Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, and other responding agencies had combed the area the last two days for signs of Brey and her son. Dogs and drones were used to search for them both.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.

KMUD’s Lauren Schmitt took these photos at the scene in the aftermath of enforcement and medical personnel responding to the discovery of Brey and her son alive and well.

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  1. Good news! I am so happy they survived their ordeal. One thing bothers me, why are the rescuers not wearing masks?

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