Friday, August 12, 2022
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Eight Cases of COVID-19 Tied to Ukiah’s Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center


The following is a press release is a collaboration with Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center and Day Center in Ukiah, and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine, and the County of Mendocino:

As of today, eight cases of COVID-19 have been tied to the Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center in Ukiah, all of whom are residents. Mendocino County Public Health is collaborating with Building Bridges on contact tracing efforts, as well as isolating all positives separately and quarantining close contacts at the facility.

Redwood Community Services CEO Victoria Kelly stated, “Building Bridges is continuing to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our staff and guests. In collaboration with Mendocino County Public Health and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine, we have closed public services in effort to reduce further spread of the virus; while caring for our guests currently complying with the isolation and quarantine orders.”

Building Bridges is continuing to sanitize their facilities regularly, and the Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine team is providing medical oversight for positive residents.

Dr. Barash shared on behalf of Street Medicine, “Street Medicine, a collaboration between Adventist Health and Redwood Community Services joins Mendocino County Public Health in surveillance, treatment, and containment of the virus among homeless individuals. Those who have active infection have been housed separately while being monitored by Street Medicine.”

Mendocino County Public Health is conducting follow-up testing to ensure containment of this outbreak.

“Individuals experiencing homelessness are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19,” said County Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren. “Building Bridges has been preparing for the possibility of an outbreak for some time due to the risk associated with their work, and have done all they can to slow the spread at their shelter. The staff at Building Bridges are heroes for dedicating themselves to helping such a vulnerable population during these times. No facility anywhere is immune to an outbreak of COVID-19.”

Mendocino County Public Health deeply appreciates local business owners who, having been alerted to one or more COVID-19-positive cases related to their business, have decided to contact Mendocino County Environmental Health at 707-234-6625 for guidance on slowing the spread. A proactive approach not only keeps your employees and customers safe, but it also shows your care and consideration for our community.

Released in collaboration with Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center and Day Center in Ukiah, and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine.



  1. That’s bull..these people are always finding some excuse to close them doors and now a front gate..ludicrous..just straight up bull..meanwhile they pocket the funding and sit there. Looks like a concentration camp. What is wrong with this town?? Selfish evil demeaning in every way. I really think this town is nothing but corrupted. Evil! Mcgavins employees stealing funding for rooms for the homeless..funding for food vouchers wtf!! All for the money, the funding their god that’s low the lowest of low. I hope they pay dearly cuz I know the homeless are paying sleeping in the cold with no help to be seen. Someone stop these thieves. These homeless would be off the streets if the stealing would stop.

  2. So while Building Bridges is playing Doctor And Hospital Homeless people are freezing and basicly healthy homeless people are being put out on the street I’ve been there alot since September they tell me every night there full, I was attacked by a monster for No Reason and went to the hospital there policy is to do an Emergency bed fir a while I got out of the Hosoital at 9 that night to late to get in then the next morning they were suddenly on Quarenteen I’m like I’ve been waiting for month…. the sick should be quarantined but not the healthy and saying someone might be exposed is bullshit whorseshit due to the simple fack that the same exact people have been staying there they claim to house people I was gone for 7 months it’s been 1 year all together and NO NEW PEOPLE EVER ARRIVED AND NO ONE GOT A permanent living situation I’m a disabled lady and I dont and won’t ever accept or understand. This is gross negligence !! there should be a time limit and your not a Hospital and covid people should be separated from the healthy cause no one could be exposed it’s all the same for over a year heart broken

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