Coast Guard Tows Fishing Boat Back to Noyo Harbor After Propeller Becomes Entangled in Nets

United States Coast Guard Petty Officer Jordan Deierling said that at approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning, the Coast Guard station at Noyo Harbor received a call that a Fort Bragg fishing boat named the “Donna J” had become entangled in its nets. The vessel was eight miles off the coast and required a tow.

Petty Officer Deierling said the Coast Guard launched a coastal patrol boat to assist the inoperable vessel. Upon finding the “Donna J,” Coast Guard personnel set up a tow bringing the fishing vessel back to Noyo Harbor and mooring it at the docs. 

Utilizing nets, fishing boats are at risk of their propellers becoming entangled, resulting in the propellers becoming inoperable, Petty Officer Deierling explained.

Petty Officer Deierling said, “We’d like always to encourage mariners to be safe while in the water being that the North Coast’s waters can be dangerous.”

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