Friday, August 12, 2022
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Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall Says Cannabis Enforcement Will Focus on Violence and Environmental Crimes


The following statement was issued on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook Page:

Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall [Picture provided by the Mendocino County Sheriff Facebook page]

Recently I have received several questions regarding the marijuana program in Mendocino County. I realize this causes a lot of concern for everyone.

Please understand our Board of Supervisors are working hard with our communities as well as county and state agencies to build something which will work for Mendocino County. I will continue to weigh in when it comes to public safety.

I have received several calls regarding this issue from people concerned regarding enforcement. Many of them are cultivators working within the legal realm and many are concerned citizens who are not involved in cultivation, however are effected by cultivation sites near their homes and work.

All of them are asking what my enforcement objectives are and how I plan to keep the communities safe.My enforcement objectives are straight forward and simple.

The following circumstances will be given top priority for enforcement by the Sheriff’s Office.

  1. Trespass grow sites.
  2. Cultivation sites run by Organized Crime and drug trafficking organizations.
  3. Cultivation causing Environmental damage, including water diversion, this will be prioritized based on egregious acts in sensitive areas.
  4. Any crimes of violence, intimidation, weapons violations or human trafficking associated with cultivation sites/operations.

I received several calls regarding people firing off weapons in grow sites, this is obviously done with the intent of intimidation and warning.

This is going to stop. If someone is shooting off firearms in grow sites, they should expect to be dealt with by law enforcement.

With the recent spike in violence surrounding the illegal marijuana market we will be putting as many resources as possible into dealing with this problem.

I will continue working with state and federal partners to make a solid impact into the illegal market while remaining aware of the budget we must work within.

I will continue to work with the Board of Supervisors on funding for additional deputies for investigation and enforcement.

Mendocino County is resilient and strong. I often think about the spirit of my ancestors who made this their home. We have and will continue to work through our problems while caring for our families, neighbors and the health of our communities.

The rights of our residents, along with our environment must remain a top priority, we have to think about what makes this county so great and protect it for future generations.

Thank you,

Sheriff Matt Kendall


  1. Not all gunshots in grow sites are done to intimidate… people have been shooting rattlers & squirrels for many decades. You can’t use a broad paintbrush to typify all gunshots as bad, or a nuisance. There IS a difference between shooting rattlers or squirrels, and somebody needlessly “racking off a few (full) clips”…

    Yes, the robberies must stop… everybody needs to understand people in the mountains have been armed for decades, and will continue to be, and to protect ourselves… we Mom & Pop growers (usually) are not the ones with big time assault weapons.

    With bears & mtn lions, a round or two over their heads is often used to get these dangerous predators to move on…

    The biggest problems are the gangland & cartel grows, often involving felons…

    Thank you…

  2. I hear noise in the stairwell, but nobody coming down. I believe Matt has the best of intentions, but does he have the resources? In the present irrational political climate here in Cali used to be, he has an upward battle. When you encourage and reward folks from there to come here, ultimately here will look like there. Welcome to Covilito.

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