Mendocino County Resident Invents ‘Chickfly’ Pants to Help Women Pee in Comfort and Style

The following is a press release written by Anna Birkás, the Mendocino County woman behind “Chickfly”:

Ecological entrepreneur Anna Birkás brings pants with her patented “Chickfly” design available to the global market. More information explaining the design of the utility patented fly and unique pants design can be found at the Chickfly website:

Chickfly pants are one of the most practical inventions to enter the women’s clothing market: a pair of pants women can use to “go” without taking their pants off. The patented design has two overlapping stretch fabric panels that pull apart. The zipperless fly goes from front to back, allowing one to open it however much is needed. The fly snaps back into shape when released and stays put.

These stylish pants free women to discreetly pee outdoors, as well as offer hygienic bathroom options to a variety of people in need (disabled, pregnant, etc). They feature four deep pockets on the thighs and waist-band. Chickfly pants are durable enough for extreme sports, soft enough for leisurewear, and comfortable for every occasion.

The first run of the pants will be available on Kickstarter on January 12, 2021:

Made in the USA with sustainable fabric and organic dyes, Chickfly pants are an affordable, creative solution for the ecologically savvy woman’s wardrobe. Chickfly’s launch invites women to “Join the Pants Revolution.”

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