[UPDATE] One Found Deceased After Personnel Attempt Water Rescue off Portuguese Beach

Multiple agencies including California State Parks and medical personnel were deployed for a water rescue to Mendocino’s Portuguese Beach where an individual was reportedly in the water off shore. According to scanner reports, the individual was recovered and found to be deceased when pulled onto shore. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene.

A Mendocino Coast resident on scene witnessed several jet skis involved in the recovery and characterized the waves as “vicious.”

UPDATE 7:04 p.m.

Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s Public Information Officer Captain Greg Van Patten confirmed “detectives are on scene at Portuguese Beach for a coroner’s case.” He added that State Parks and medical are on scene.

This report is based on initial information. Being an evolving situation, updates will be provided and more information is gathered.

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  1. I was just south of the headlands at the Ranch and could see the Emergency lights on the bluff. The waves were very erratic as you would get 15-20 waves that were under 6 feet then you would get a set that was 20 feet and larger. With it being the New Year holiday I was greatly concerned as the sneaker waves were very large and far enough apart to be very unexpected. I have wondered for some time if some life rings out on the bluff might not be a good idea as there are often a lot of people near the edge on the bluffs at Mendocino. The cliffs are high enough that you could throw a ring quite a ways to someone stuck swimming. If it was only used even one time year it would be a worthwhile investment for the community. I would put rings near the arch and over on the bluff where this man fell in as well. Also on the Northwest point as all of them get a lot of people and you could fall right into the water and still be alive. As a fellow teacher, my heart breaks for the family, and for those who attempted the rescue as it always leaves a lot of sadness for those who do a body recovery. Very Traumatic for all involved.

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