45-Year-Old Male Tourist Drowns After Falling from Rocks on Portuguese Beach

Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s Public Information Officer Captain Greg Van Patten told us the victim of yesterday’s drowning at Portuguese Beach in Mendocino was a 45-year-old male tourist. Van Patten said the man was “climbing on some rocks near the ocean and fell into the surf which was extremely rough.”

Van Patten said Mendocino Fire Department’s swift water rescue team was “able to recover the male from the ocean who appears at this time to have drown during the incident.”

Van Patten said that, “emergency personnel responded to the scene when the wife who was watching from the bluff called 911.” Multiple agencies responded to the situation including California State Parks and Mendocino Fire Department.

A Mendocino Coast resident on scene told us they witnessed three jet skis in the surf working to recover the man and characterized the waves as “vicious.”

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