20+ Foot Swells Submerge Noyo Harbor’s Jetties as High Surf and King Tides Converge

Noyo Harbor Coast Guard’s station Chief Petty Officer Scott Harrison is reporting 20+ foot breakers at the harbor entrance, initiating what he referred to as a “bar closure” that prohibits the operation of both military and civilian vessels within the regulated navigation area.

Chief Harrison explained that the bar closure could hinder the Coast Guard’s ability to respond to an emergency situation.

Regarding the current status of the surf, Chief Harrison explained, “the coast is experiencing high tides with a tidal change of about 8.5 feet.” He said these high tides are coinciding with a “long period swell system.”

In the wake of five deaths on Northern California beaches in the last month, Chief Harrison provided some essential safety measures beach-goers should practice during unusually high surf:

  1. Don’t turn your back on the ocean.
  2. Stay back away from beaches or bluffs.
  3. Check the weather forecast. Call the Coast Guard station if you need the latest information.

For boaters navigating the waterways, Chief Harrison said, “make sure to check the weather, have access to life jackets, and have a marine VHF radio incase of emergencies.

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