The City of Fort Bragg Updates Evacuation Maps

The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

The City of Fort Bragg has created a citywide by-zone evacuation map to aid the community in the event of an emergency evacuation. Maps have also been created for each lodging location within the city limits for visitors who are not familiar with the area. These maps were created with the intention to provide Fort Bragg residents and visitors who are lodging within city hotels with options to exit the City in the event of an emergency as a preparedness effort. Emergency evacuation maps are available to each lodging facility and are also be accessible through the City’s website Emergency Plans and Evacuation Maps.

California’s Office of Emergency Services has been promoting the popular “Be Prepared” phrase as seen on billboards, television commercials, CalOES’ Facebook page and website as well as several other announcing platforms to promote exactly that; a reminder of the importance to be prepared when disaster strikes.

Disaster preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Government agencies and other emergency organizations cannot protect you from the next earthquake, tsunami, fire or any disaster. Even under the best of circumstances, medical aid or fire and law enforcement officials may not be able to reach you for many hours, or even days. It is our responsibility as individuals, neighborhoods, and communities to reduce risks, to prepare for the critical period immediately after a disaster, and to make sure that emergency planning has the high priority it deserves. By becoming informed, you can take actions to protect yourselves.

To learn more on emergency preparedness, visit the City’s Emergency Plan webpage at

Questions regarding this information should be directed to City Manager, Tabatha Miller at (707) 961- 2824,

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