Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Clearlake Police Warns of Scams Targeting Seniors


The following is a press release issued by the Clearlake Police Department:

[Image from Pixabay.com]

Yesterday we learned that an 86 year old resident was targeted by a scammer who was successful in obtaining bank account information and then took $15,000.00 from the victims account. This was the typical telephone scam that seeks to target elderly persons and advised of a big win of a prize but that they needed the bank info to deposit the funds.

Most of the public are well aware of telephone and internet scams these days however these scams continue because the scammers are persistent and successful in targeting victims. In this case, as in most others the money is likely not recoverable. Additionally, many scams operate from outside the country and United States Law Enforcement is limited on their ability to investigate or apprehend offenders.

These scammers work hard to identify and target elderly and other vulnerable victims in our communities. We urge families to take precautions in making sure their loved ones do not fall victim to these scams.


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