FBI Seeking Information on Robber Targeting Humboldt County Banks Dubbed the ‘Lost Coast Bandit’

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s San Francisco field office has issued a bulletin and wanted poster seeking information on who investigators have named the “Lost Coast Bandit.” The “Lost Coast Bandit” is responsible for three separate bank robberies in Humboldt County.

The FBI wanted poster explains that “The first two robberies occurred in Arcata, California, at the Coast Central Credit Union F Street branch on December 18, 2020, and January 8, 2021. The third robbery occurred at the Bay Shore Mall branch in Eureka, California, on January 16, 2021.”

According to the FBI Wanted Poster, the “Lost Coast Bandit” threatened to “shoot the teller and/or all customers if any alarms were activated or dye packs deployed.”

Notable attributes of “Lost Coast Bandit” include witness reports that he has “good posture” and his notes being written with “all caps writing and strange phrases.”

The “Lost Coast Bandit” is described as a white male with a medium complexion, standing 5’6”-5’8” tall, and weighing approximately 170 pounds. He is said to wear a Fox or Dickies hoodie and baggy, dark pants.

The FBI poster asks that if, “you know this bank robber or have information, please call the FBI at 415-553-7400 or contact the Eureka or Arcata Police Departments.”

Wanted Poster from the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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