Customer Drives Away from Laytonville Chevron with Gas Pump Still Attached

Phil Gravier, the owner of the Chevron station in Laytonville, is asking residents to keep their eyes open for a missing gas pump after a customer drove off with it attached to their vehicle. Gravier asks that if anyone sees an abandoned nozzle and hose on the side of the road, to contact him because “I would sure like to have it back.”

Surveillance footage taken at the gas station indicates the vehicle was driven by a male. The vehicle looks to be white Chrysler Pacifica van with California plates.

According to a post on his Facebook page, “This customer drove off with the hose and nozzle in their car last night around 10:30pm. It was last seen headed northbound from the Chevron in Laytonville. If you happen to see it along the road, I would sure like to have it back!”

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