[UPDATES] Highway 101 Closed in Both Directions North of Laytonville Due to Winter Conditions

As snow continues to fall on the upper elevations of Mendocino County, Caltrans District 1 has announced that all lanes of U.S. Highway 101 have been closed from Cummings to just North of Laytonville in Mendocino County due to snow.

UPDATE 5:36 p.m.

Caltrans District 1 and the California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information page continue to list Highway 101 north of Laytonville.

Standstill traffic north of Laytonville [Picture taken by Alison Pernell]

Trucker Jon Beck spoke with Kym Kemp of Redheaded Blackbelt described the snow as fairly thick and he and a friend were able to make it through north but now the northbound is entirely closed.

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