Mendocino County’s 36th COVID-19 Death was a 77-Year-Old Ukiah Woman

Mendocino County COVID-19 Dashboard 1/25/2020

Sunday night’s COVID-19 Dashboard update from Mendocino County Public Health revealed 21 additional county residents tested positive for the virus and a 36th resident of the county had succumbed to the virus.

Ashley Toxqui, Mendocino County Public Health’s Public Information officer provided details regarding the most recent death attributed to COVID-19. Toxqui said “Our 36th death was a 77-year-old caucasian female from the Ukiah Area, who passed away in the hospital.

With 11 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the last 30 days, Mendocino County has seen a 44% increase in fatalities associated with the pandemic in that time period.

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