Package Stolen from Porch of Ukiah Westside Resident

The package thief making off with his loot [Picture provided by the Westside resident who had her package stolen]

On Sunday, January 24, 2020, a resident of Ukiah’s Westside had a package sitting on her porch for less than an hour when her Ring surveillance camera captured a passerby steal it.

The Ukiah Westside resident asked to go unnamed, but said her home is located on Clara Avenue between Myron and Joseph Street.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., the Ring camera started recording as the thief walked away from the front porch after having nabbed the package. The individual depicted in the surveillance footage appears to be a male of approximately 15-18 years of age wearing a a gray hat, gray/black jacket, blue denim jeans, and a black backpack.

The resident joked she hoped the thief “enjoys sage and melatonin.”

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  1. I’m suggesting that she post the photo around the neighborhood, labeled THIEF, with a police number to call. Might not catch him but would at least make him think twice about doing it again, because he’s probably a local kid and will see it.
    Putting each sign in a zip lock would keep them intact in the rain.

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