Friday, August 12, 2022
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Hikers Beware: Monstrous Tides Reported on the Lost Coast


The following is a Facebook post on the Bureau of Land Management-California’s Facebook page:

Hikers ford a sea side creek swollen with tidal waters [Pictures posted by BLM California credited to Motiejus Barauskas]

⚠️HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS WARNING FOR THE LOST COAST TRAIL: Visitors to the Lost Coast Trail have been faced with hazardous coastal conditions as winter storms wash over the King Range National Conservation Area. 🌊With swells frequently reaching heights above fifteen feet, an increased number of hikers have reported being caught off-guard and struck by sneaker waves (large waves which surge up unexpectedly). Sneaker waves can be hazardous, and all visitors are urged to practice extreme caution! Where possible postpone travel if inclement weather is predicted during your scheduled trip, as hiking along the Lost Coast Trail is not advised during winter storms.

Creek crossings may also be impacted as heavy rainfall swells them to unsafe depths and speeds. When attempting creek crossings always seek a safe point to cross that is well away from the ocean to avoid any sudden wave surges. For more information about the area, visit:


  1. It’s there own fault. It’s all over news etc. About high waves and sneaker waves this time of the year. These people must be stupid for going out as far as they did. Just few weeks ago a young boy lost his life saving his dad and brother because of the big waves and that was all over the news. I’m sorry for the parents loss. Remember this time of year is bad for the big waves.

    • Ummmm, Barbara,
      WHERE does this BLM PSA ( public service announcement) say anyone died HERE in this instance ?
      The hikers are fording a creek on the coastline.

      Thank you Matt for putting out the reminder ! There are never too many……
      Everyone does not see , hear or read the same news sources.
      Always play it safe on expeditions, every season offers up its own challenges.

      • I did not say anyone died on this group of people. I was talking about the kid that drowned a couple weeks ago due to hjgh tides and a sneaker wave got him. It’s all over the news about the king tides and sneaker waves and in news papers. That’s all. Personal opinion when it is time of year for the king tides they should close off all beaches til it passes. Also it’s posted on every beach about sneaker waves and high tides.

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