Mendocino County Behavioral Health Assuming Measure B Responsibilities

The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency:

Dr. Jenine Miller, director of Mendocino County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services announced Friday that Behavioral Health is assuming all responsibilities for Measure B Commission support and projects.

The shift in program administration, according to Dr. Miller, will eliminate the need for the program manager position. “On February 5th, the decision was made to formally assign these responsibilities to the Behavioral Health Department,” she explains. “In addition to cost savings, we are hopeful that taking this proactive step will result in more efficiencies in program management and most importantly, more demonstrable results for our community.”

Some of the tasks that will now be supervised by Behavioral Health include:

• Measure B Commission support

• Preparation and clerking Measure B meetings

• Producing meeting minutes

• Monitoring fiscal activities related to all Measure B projects and programs

• Continuing the development of the Crisis Residential Treatment Facility and the Behavioral Health Regional Training Center

“Our goal is to move forward at a faster clip with increased transparency, while continuing to maintain a strong, collaborative relationship with our Measure B Commission,” she concludes.

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