Mendocino County Public Health Announces Four Separate COVID-19 Outbreaks within County Lines

During Tuesday morning’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting, Department Operations Center lead Bekkie Emery announced there are currently four on-going COVID-19 outbreaks being monitored by Mendocino County Public Health. One outbreak is associated with Ukiah’s Mountain View Assistant Care Facility, another is related to seven separate restaurants in Fort Bragg, the third outbreak is in Round Valley, and the fourth is the outbreak at the Mendocino County jail.

Emery said the outbreak at Ukiah’s Mountain View Assistant Care Facility has affected 18 individuals, with 12 patients and 6 employees testing positive for the virus. Emery praised the facility for aligning its protocols with COVID-19 best practices ensuring those in quarantine and isolation are kept separate. Staff at the facility are being tested twice per week and the facility is sending the tests to a laboratory that provides results in 48 hours allowing precise tracking of the outbreak.

Regarding the outbreak amongst Fort Bragg restaurants, Emery said a total of 15 positive tests resulted from the spread amongst “overlapping employees.  The seven restaurants affected by the outbreak were Denny’s, Mayan Fusion, Laurel Deli & Desserts, Silver’s At The Wharf, Angelina’s Bar & Grill, David’s Deli & Restaurant, Noyo Harbor Inn & Restaurant. Emery said each restaurant was contacted, cleaned, and are being responsive, and diligent in their efforts. Outbreak testing was conducted in Fort Bragg on Sunday in response to the outbreak where Emery said 200 residents were tested. 

Emery explained the COVID-19 outbreak in Round Valley is a result of two separate sources, one is a memorial and one is a congregate group of living individuals. She said the outbreaks resulted in 15 positive cases and in response outbreak testing was initiated on Saturday, February 6, 2020. 57 residents were tested at the event. 

Both Fort Bragg and Round Valley outbreak testing samples were sent to a Richmond laboratory to be analyzed and results are expected tomorrow, February 11, said Emery. 

The fourth outbreak being monitored by Public Health is located at the Mendocino County Jail. Emery said that currently the jail only has two positive inmates, one which was positive at the time of detention and has been in isolation since being taken into custody. The outbreak has had a total of 145 positives, 128 inmates, and 17 employees. Mendocino County Jail staff and inmates are being tested twice a week to prevent further spread.

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