[UPDATE 11:18 a.m.] Power Outage on Fort Bragg’s Pudding Creek Road After Car Strikes Utility Pole

A singular Fort Bragg resident is reporting they are experiencing a power outage after a vehicle struck a utility pole on Fort Bragg’s Pudding Creek road.

The PG&E Electrical outage map indicates the outage is affecting portions of Bald Hill Road, Country Road, and approximately one mile of Pudding Creek Road. The outage information indicates the outage began at 7:24 this morning and the power is not estimated to be restored until 6:00 this evening.

There seems to be conflicting information offered by the PG&E outage site with the outage description stating that only one customer is affected yet the area of the outage is colored yellow on the map which the key indicates means 50-499 customers are affected.

MendoFever has contacted PG&E’s 24-Hour journalist hotline to get an understanding of the situation and as of this report have yet to hear back.

UPDATE 11:17 a.m.

PG&E Spokesman JD Guidi told us that according to the latest information 124 customer are without power. According to records Guidi had access to, the outage began at 9:03 a.m. and is affecting customers on Pudding Creek Road, Jacobson Lane, Bald Hill Road, and Country Road. Guidi said crews are on site addressing the broken pole and there is currently no estimated time of restoration. He could not confirm the utility pole was struck by a vehicle.

UPDATE 11:24 a.m.

PG&E Spokesman JD Guidi confirmed that the utility pole was damaged by a vehicle collision.

Map of the affected area [From PG&E’s Power Outage map]

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