North Coast Town Hall Tonight on the Great Wood Trail Hosted by Senator Mike McGuire

The following statement was issued on State Senator Mike McGuire’s Facebook page:

Join us this Thursday @ 6:00pm for a Great Redwood Trail (GRT) Town Hall. The GRT is a once-in-a-generation project that will convert a decaying railway into a 300 mile world-class destination for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers here at home and from across the globe.

When complete, the GRT will become the longest rail-trail in America and it will provide unparalleled access to rolling oak woodlands, rugged and remote North Coast river canyons, and old growth redwood forests. The trail will run from the San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay on the rugged North Coast.

We’ll have some of the top trail experts in America join us to discuss the long-term vision, the trail master plan, we’ll cover the positive economic impacts of the project along with the next steps for getting The Great Redwood Trail built and operational.

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  1. “When complete…” is really pie in the sky. At the rate it’s going it will take about 100 years and a billion dollars to complete. It seems like Mike is trying to take credit for something that is barely started and probably won’t be complete in his lifetime.

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